Steelfox is a Heavy Metal band from Sao Paulo founded in 2012, by the Bassist Diego Julio, having as inspiration traditional Metal bands from the eighties making well elaborated classic Heavy Metal in every composition.

Its debut album called \"13:18\" was recorded by Mr. Som Studio in Sao Paulo - Capital and produced by Diego Julio, counting on national, international
and online distribution. The album \"13:18\" brings in its lyrics the theme which refers to the
prophecy of the Mayan culture, talking about subjects that afflict men and that could cause severe
damage to mankind. It also counts on a solid musicality and with vocal lines well represented by Meri Bondezan, with her vocals well interpretative and atypical for a feminine vocal, which accentuates the traditional heaviness of Heavy Metal in the 13 tracks that incorporate the album \"13:18\".

Steelfox has an international endorse of clothes and accessories, Demonmetals, Australian company that
disseminates Steelfox in Australia, besides other partnerships, such as Seven Hard Cases Especiais.
Steelfox\'s proposal is to rescue the Traditional Heavy Metal\'s spirit with professionalism and with its own
characteristics, using creativity, experience, personal characteristics and each member\'s influences, so it can
provide a good album to the gender and good concerts to the public who, just like us, loves Heavy Metal.

Meri Bondezan with her peculiar vocal, Guilherme Fernandes with his tecnique and creativity and Otto Lima with his heavy and solid arrangements on the Guitars, Diego Julio on the bass marking the band\'s heaviness and Juliana Shibata with her creativity and essence on the drums, are Steelfox.

\"Here is wisdom for those who have understanding\"

"Here is wisdom, for those who hath understanding"